West Virginia National Guard purchases 500,000 face masks

Source: West Virginia National Guard purchases 500,000 face masks

The West Virginia National Guard received a large shipment of surgical masks Wednesday morning.

The Guard purchased the masks from Health Research Systems, based in West Virginia. The company has ties to the National Guard.

About March 1, the president of the company said he knew the state was going to need some help getting PPE and wanted to do what it could to make it happen. His son is also an intensive care nurse in Florida and saw that he was even having trouble getting PPE, so they worked with the factories directly in China to get the mask orders to the Mountain State.

“This is life changing. This is lifesaving,” Michael Day, Health Research Systems president, said. “This is a situation where these particular items are going out to hospitals. They’re going out to the local agencies, fire departments. They’re going to ambulance workers.”

The Guard picked up the masks Wednesday in Poca.